Aigle - Benyl Kaki - Wellington Boots


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The Benyl stands as an exceptional choice for individuals who frequently find themselves immersed in the great outdoors. Engineered with a focus on lightweight, flexibility, and supreme comfort, these boots are the perfect companion for those who spend extended periods on their feet. Crafted by skilled hands in France, the natural rubber upper predominantly consists of Gomma Plus, ensuring durability that withstands the test of time. Meanwhile, the polyamide lining offers swift drying capabilities.

However, the standout feature lies in the cushioned foam insole, meticulously lined with Softex, providing unparalleled shock-absorbing properties.

Key Features of the Benyl Wellington Boot:

  • Unisex Aigle rubber boots
  • Designed for light hunting
  • Unisex design suitable for all
  • Gomma Plus natural rubber upper
  • Meticulously handmade in France
  • Softex-lined foam insole, delivering exceptional shock absorption
  • Polyamide lining for quick drying comfort